Its a Shame Nobody Ever Looks Up

by Drey Saether Damnit

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demo EP


released March 1, 2014

on the one rainy day in los angeles

thank you adrian for your help on Alcove Pariah
and thanks to sydney for everything including album/concept art




Drey Saether Damnit Los Angeles, California

situations share similarities, a
mirror never lies
barbiturates tell faerie tales,
open up your eyes

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Track Name: Damned Mind
eternal frustration of a damned mind
foggy situations, lack of interest
compensation waits in line

theres something right
about being wrong
Track Name: Alcove Pariah
sleeping in a bed of gold
wrapped like a child in mothers arms

sleeping in filth and sick
oblivious to sheets and the meaning of warmth

the rich at a masquerade with liars and rapists
the poor in filth with maggots and rats

wealthy feeding on fresh cooked mammals
poor; stricken, forced to become cannibals

get over yourselves you're all the fucking same

sacrifice the scapegoat for their personal gain\to uphold the empire,
they wish to maintain

the poor keep getting poorer, its the same routine
you got sweaty kings and filthy fat queens

get over yourselves you're all the fucking same