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georgie gato intimate and dreeeeamy ☁️ Favorite track: Sad Psychic.
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released April 6, 2015

Recorded, mixed and engineered in Dreys bedroom during Fall and Winter of 2014/2015

album art by Sma Litzsinger
"Refusal to Shine"

Steven Francell :

Thanks to all of our spirit guides, shadows, dreams, friends, pets , family, stars, earth and all that cosmic goodness.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Drey Saether Damnit Los Angeles, California

situations share similarities, a
mirror never lies
barbiturates tell faerie tales,
open up your eyes

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Track Name: Rune
crippling myself in comparisons
contradictions overrule character
cathartically getting naked in a blizzard
to feel the relief of a fire in your home
bundled in your layers of warmth
and restoration.

Sobering disillusion
looking everywhere
except right in front of me

Honor the night
its restorative covering
holds all secrets
and dreams.
Track Name: Two Yards Away, still sinking in the sand
when i was twelve
i had a really big room
didn't know what to do
i was so young at the time

when i turned thirteen
i made my first friend
it was alright
we stayed up nights on end

when i turned fourteen
i moved away
it seemed like my life had made its say
i was alone in a new world
couldn't get around
and my words weren't heard

when i turned fifteen
i had my first birthday with friends
hiked up to the woods
saw the town for what it was
lit up it all seemed like a buzz

i turned sixteen
and we sat on the stairs
what should have been intrigue
seemed like a routine

we sat there for years

seventeen came
with no surprise
should have seen it coming
but there was no compromise
lets hope the next will last

here we are and i'm fading away
thought i'd be glad but fate made me wait
eighteen's strong but i feel weak
nothings wrong but i just cant speak

nineteen's now
and i'm figuring it out
i cant depend on what others
have put out,
its just me in this fantasy
and i'm still far from
the end.
Track Name: Mail Order Bride from Salt Lake City
the world is an illusion

so i held you back
from the fall
held you from so far away.
suspended twins in a mirage of sins
keeping control, lips shut at the door
control runs loose when you omit to lose
anchor tied to a balloon
i'll see you soon
Track Name: Sad Psychic
i wanna leave my home
i wanna disappear
i wanna erase myself
from the lives of the ones that i love
as a cop out
out of fear.

i wanna make amends.
i cant keep apologizing
withdrawing from socializing
only remaining present
for the sake of being around bodies

i dont feel like talking
the silence is more that sufficient
i feel that its redundant
to express how i feel
when going in different directions
in multiple perspectives
only to come around
to meet in the parallel
and the grey.

we are the same
no ones to blame.

death is a transition
theres nothing to be afraid of
im only gonna change
changing tides
washed over the edge of time

talking because i feel like i have to keep engaged
resisting my emotions only to have them come out
in volatile ways, taking my anger out on the people
i surround myself by, the deeper i go the more that i find
the vagueness in my mind, but the future is bright
clearing all obscurities from my third eye

when i feel like self loathing
i know that its bullshit
because im having talks
with myself.
talks with the most high.

you have god all over you
god in your eyes.
the intensity projected from the chaos inside
inner peace rejected, just to rationalize
all the ways that i could be wrong
my intuition getting stronger
with the visions of the future inside my dreams
all the spirits around me
everybody else's energy
you can't turn off the mind
you can't turn off the mind.

empathy's a bitch when you got it
its hard to turn off.
silence your thoughts, control your mind
you'll realize you never left.

i'm only gonna change like the water where you are.